Welfare ‘reforms’

I quite enjoy reading all over the web about welfare reforms and the impact they cause. Of course, I’m lying.

What really shocks me is the positive reactions towards them from members of the general public. It can be quite astounding that people in this wonderful country of ours can be so outright heartless. Yes, fair enough, you’ll end up paying less tax if benefits are cut. Of course, that’s wonderful news for you, but really, have you thought long and hard about what that means for others who are actually in need of the benefits in question?

For your few pennies saved, a hundred lives are completely torn apart. It’s really quite tragic to see people being faced with the threat of homelessness, and to have to rely on food banks in order to stay alive and healthy. Those who do become homeless are then faced with the prospect of no longer having access to benefits, because the DWP do actually need an address to reach you at before they’ll pay a penny. Of course, people start dying, which triggers a chain reaction of even more savings for the taxpayer. Isn’t that awesome? I sincerely don’t think it is.

It fills me with warmth to hear about the council estate that was pulled down and the families that were broken up along with the rest of their community, because ultimately it meant I could finally afford my new BMW.

Yes I really am joking about that. I receive benefits myself. I receive the endless stigma and demonisation from the right wing press. I receive the disgusted glances from people who consider themselves a higher species than me. I receive the barrage of attacks from the very person who set up the centre for social justice. It would help him greatly if he had the slightest clue what social justice was.

Stay tuned for a more thoughtful and less ranty post about these very same issues. I do not wish to become incoherent and shouty, else I might find myself going bald and yelling at Owen Jones on Question Time. Although some might be pretty proud of that achievement……..


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